An account is created upon enrolment for customers to do bookings and payment of all transactions.  Customers can top up funds into the account via the following modes:

1. Nets/Cashcard via Nets Kiosks located at our Customer Service Lobby.

2. Cheque crossed and made payable to 'Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd' and mail to: 
    Accounts Section 
    Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd
    815 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5
    Singapore 659085
    Please indicate your name, NRIC/FIN no. and contact no. at the back of the cheque.  All cheques accepted
    by the Centre shall be reflected in your account within 5 days (exclude weekends and public holidays)
    upon receipt.
3. Internet Funds Transfer
     i.   Log-in to your internet banking account via your bank's website.  

ii.   For first time transfer, add a new payee and input the following information:
    - My Initials: Learner's NRIC/FIN No.
      (For OCBC account holders, please input Learner's NRIC/FIN No. under 'Description')
    - Payee Account No.: 0149002515
    - Payee Account Type: DBS Current
    - Name of Payee: BBDC

iii.  Perform the funds transfer.

     Please ensure that all information given is correct.  Amount shall be reflected in your account within
     3 days (exclude weekends and public holidays) for successful transaction.  Please email us at if amount is not reflected after the stipulated period.

Please note:
- Currently, we do not accept ATM transfer, payment via SAM/AXS machines, credit card or Paypal.
- Upon graduation of your course, the balance amount in your account will be mailed to your address stated in our
  system by cheque within 2 weeks' time.  Cheque has to be deposited within 6 months to avoid incurrence of
  fees.  If there is any change to your personal particulars or if you wish to self-collect the cheque, please inform
  us on/before your graduation date.  
- If you wish to feedback on accounts service related issues, please email to