Test Related



1.   Will my test fees be refunded if I cancel my test date/ unable to attend due to disqualification/medical   leave/ other reasons?

With effect from 1 October 2008, there will be no refund of test fee, vehicle rental fee and warm-up fee for any cancellation of your test date made by you, the system or Traffic Police. 

2.   What are the documents that I need to produce for theory test and practical test?

For theory test, please produce your NRIC/Valid FIN Card.
For practical test, please produce your NRIC/Valid FIN Card, Valid Provisional Driving Licence, Valid Qualified Driving Licence (if any) and Valid Medical Certificate (if any).

       3.  How do I book a retest if I fail my Practical Test?

     You can book a retest immediately after booking for 2 revision lessons (preferably nearer to your retest date).