Risk Forecast Training (RFT)

1.  What is Risk Forecast Training (RFT)?

     RFT is a classroom-based lesson which uses a training system that reproduces the actual traffic conditions,
     allowing users to predict various hazardous situations so as to take countermeasures to prevent accidents.

 2.  Who should attend?

      Motorcar school customers (Course Code: 3C, 3A and 3P) who have completed Practical Subject 2.11 must
      attend RFT lesson before Practical Stage 4.

 3.  What are the benefits of attending RFT?

      a.  Able to experience multiple road hazard situations which learners may not encounter during practical
      b.  Increase self-awareness on road risk and ability to forecast road dangers through an interactive medium.
      c.  Adequate preparation for prevention of accidents.
      d.  Help learners to develop on anticipating dangers and reinforce the practical driving knowledge,
reducing number of practical lessons needed.

 4.  How do I book for RFT?

      You may log in to your account via Booking & Cancellation Terminal or online and select ‘Theory Training
      Booking’ -> ‘Practical Preparation Lesson (including Risk Forecast Training)’.  The lesson fee is $22.47
      (inclusive of GST).

5.  How do I check my attendance for RFT?

     The lesson will be updated as ‘PPL 5.01’ under ‘Training & Test History’ in your account.