Membership Related

1.    I have forgotten my 6-digit PIN, what should I do?

  You have to come to our Centre personally with your NRIC/Valid FIN Card to request for reset of
  password.  An administrative fee of $10.70 may be imposed.

2.    How do I renew my membership?

        System will auto-renew if there are sufficient funds in your account.
        You may also click on ‘Membership Renewal’ to renew your account manually if you wish to view slots
        that are after your membership’s expiry date.

      3.     What if there are insufficient funds for renewal?

              Maintenance fee of $5.35 per month will be deducted from your account after your membership has 

        expired.  Upon reaching a zero balance in the account, the account shall be automatically terminated.

4.    I have changed my personal particulars, what should I do?

        It is important to update us if there are changes to your personal particulars (NRIC number, name,
        address, contact numbers, etc.).  Please fill-in “Change of Personal Particulars & Updating Form” and
        submit to Information Counter (Level 1) or email us at