Lesson Booking & Cancellation Related

  1.  What should I do after I booked my lesson?
  Please log in and click ‘Booking Statement’ to check your booking details.

  1.  Why does the system prompt me that ‘There is no more slots available.  Please select another
     schedule’ when I try  to book for lesson?

     Please ensure that your membership’s expiry date covers the lesson date that you intend to book for.  You
     will need to renew your membership manually first if the lesson/test date is after your membership’s expiry

  1.  How do I cancel my lesson?
          Please log in to perform the cancellation at least 48 hours before lesson starts, fee will be refunded back to
          your account immediately.  Cancellation through phone/email is strictly disallowed.

  1.  What if I cancel my lesson within 48 hours before lesson starts?
          Lesson will be placed under ‘Try-Sell’ and fee will only be refunded if the lesson is successfully sold. 
          Please log in to check the status under ‘Booking Statement’ or ‘Accounts Transaction’ 2 hours before the
          lesson starts.  
          Please ‘take back’ the slot and attend the lesson if ‘Try-Sell’ is unsuccessful as lesson fee will be not be
          refunded if you are absent from the lesson due to whatsoever reasons. 


  1.  What does ‘exceed booking limit’ means (Class 3/3A learners)? 
          It means that you have already reached the maximum number of lessons that you can pre-book for that
          particular week, i.e. 3 lessons per week.

  1.  Can I request for a postponement/replacement/refund if I did not attend the lesson due to emergency causes or  unforeseen circumstances?  
          There will be no postponement/replacement/refund allowed for any lesson missed regardless of whatsoever

  1.  I have passed my practical test, what should I do with my balance lessons?
          You must cancel all existing bookings IMMEDIATELY (subject to Terms & Conditions of Learner’s Course