1) High quality of comprehensive training

More than just the simple act of obtaining a driving licence, we provide the highest standards of comprehensive training for both theoretical and practical driving skills.

2) Systematic training

With a range of concise yet informational training materials, each stage of our step-by-step training is effectively communicated to our students throughout the learning process.

3) Highest passing rates

We are proud to have the highest passing rates in all theory tests and Class 3 practical test among all driving centres in Singapore, testament to our superior teaching and learning methodologies.

4) Unlimited use of training circuit

Practice makes perfect. Familiarise yourself with our driving circuit by practicing the various courses, at no extra cost.

5) Computerised theory practice

For better preparation of theory test, computerised theory practice is available. This fully equips our students with the necessary knowledge to pass the theory test.

6) Fixed group service

Under fixed group, you will be closely monitored by your group instructors of your choice, so you can maximise your training time.

7) Fixed instructor service

For fixed instructor bookings, you can select a dedicated instructor of your choice for more individualised learning and customised analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

8) New training vehicles

We have a new fleet of training vehicles regularly maintained by our in-house workshop, you can always be assured of a clean and comfortable learning experience.

9) Approachable staff

With regards to queries on class bookings, administrative processes or license registration, our friendly, approachable and well-trained staff are always on hand to advise you.

10) Community service

We hold road safety campaigns in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. This is to engage with our community on a regular basis. In addition, we promote general safety tips to our students to minimise unsafe driving practices and defensive driving methodologies.