Social Contribution

Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd regards road safety education as its highest priority. We continuously strive to raise road safety awareness for the community at large.

Working in close cooperation with the Traffic Police, our efforts are targeted at educating the motorists and pedestrians, focusing on children, teenagers and senior citizens.


In “Road Safety For Kindergarten Children”, we include activities like songs, stories and games. These help children to learn the meaning of road safety in a fun way.

School Talk

Through road safety talks, quizzes and exhibitions, we educate students on how to avoid accidents by following a few simple rules when crossing the road.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are at higher risk of road accidents due to poor vision and hearing, and slow movements and reactions. The aid of Drivers Aptitude Assessment System and eyesight and hearing test machines enables us to highlight the importance of having good road safety habits.


For more information, please contact us at tel: 6594 3535 or email: