BBDC Ride Safe 2011

In collaboration with Singapore Road Safety Council and Traffic Police, Bukit Batok Driving Centre had organised BBDC Ride Safe 2011 on Saturday, 8th October 2011.

The main objective of the event is to promote road safety to the motorcyclist.  This Road Safety event has been conducted for 5 consecutive years.  A total of about 300 riders took part in BBDC Ride Safe 2011.

Our Guest of Honor for BBDC Ride Safe 2011 was Mr S Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry.

“IF YOU LIVE TO RIDE, MAKE IT A SAFE RIDE FOR LIFE” was the tagline for this year’s education event.  It emphasises to motorcyclists the importance of riding safely and their responsibility in ensuring their own safety to ride for life.

The event highlights were:

  • Road safety Talk “Risks Surrounding Motorcyclists” 

Riders were imparted with road safety advices which aids in guiding them how to identify the dangers around them while riding.

  • Skill and Knowledge Training

There were a total of 10 stations for “Skill and Knowledge Training”.  This training comprised of 5 indoor and outdoor activities lasting up to 15 minutes each.

·       “ Wear Safe & Ride” activities on stage

                  5 attractives prizes were given to riders with safest riding attire.

  • Exciting stage events, attractive prize and lucky draws

The followings were some examples of the training stations:

-       Videos screening

Case studies on road accidents were screened as it provide a different perspective to the riders on how accidents occur and how to prevent accidents from happening.

-       Pillion Safety

This station explained the importance of ‘Dos’ & ‘Don’ts’ of pillion riding, e.g. incorrect riding posture and poor coordination creates additional burden to the rider causing them to be distracted.  Riders require full concentration when riding on the roads so as to react to the changing traffic situation.  Moreover, safe riding tips when riding with pillion were demonstrated and shared by our BBDC instructors.

-       Blind Spots

It is important for riders to be aware of them being in the blind spots of other road users, especially of larger vehicles.  This station displayed various types of vehicles providing information on the risks and preventive measures when being in other vehicle’s blind spot.

-       Braking Comparisons

Riders were taught how to comprehend the different characteristics of motorcycle braking systems, which aid in allowing riders to be more aware of the pro and cons of the front and rear braking capability.  The use of various braking methods and how effective the combination of front and rear braking can in fact reduce the stopping distance were shown during the demonstration.  Through this station, riders are taught how to make better judgment and to apply effective braking to prevent self-skidding.

BBDC Ride Safe 2011 aims to achieve greater awareness towards safe motorcycling by inculcating riding safely through defensive riding, providing training and wearing of safety gears while riding which aid in minimising injuries.  This event has been part of our social contribution to society as our Centre regards road safety education as our highest priority and has continuously strive to raise road safety awareness for the community at large.